Ready for a new challenge?

We work in various fields like telecommunication, robotics, fiber optics, electronics and many more other related areas.Our available machinery includes, among others, six 3-axles milling machines, one 3-axis milling-machine and one turning machine. We are planning to get a new 5-axis milling machine at the beginning of next year.

We want to expand our team with passionate, resourceful, meticulous and eager to learn people.


Our new premises in Pointe-Claire

Our fast-growing company is moving to Pointe-Claire! The town of Pointe-Claire offers exceptional living conditions and is well-equipped with public transportation. Our firm is located near many shops and restaurants as well as being in the heart of the dynamic industrial park of the town. You will enjoy a pleasant and accessible working and living environment.


Located in Pointe-Claire’s indutrial park, we provid a flexible work schedule and a dynamic working environment. Are you interested?

Competitive compensation

We offer salaries up to your talent and your involvement

Varied work

You will have the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects and challenges very day

A growing firm

Possibility to be part of the evolution of a fast-growing company!

Young and dynamic team

Experience an open-minded atmosphere in an inspiring work environment


Christian Bédard

President, Cofounder, B. Ing.


As a mechanical engineer, after various occupations as a machinist and as a designer in the medical, non-destructive inspection and car racing fields, he has turned to founding his own company.Thanks to his experience, he is able to show flexibilty and to develop methods in order to solve problems in a variety of situations.

Cell: +1 418 880-0463


Guillaume Poitras

President, Cofounder, B. Ing


As a mechanical engineer, his experience in aeronautics and in research and development has naturally led him to develop his ability in project management. R&D have taken a big part in his career path, which enables CFXpert to provide high-quality solutions that are also in the forefront in terms of efficiency and profitability.

Cell: +1 438 862-5539


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