In addition to manual measuring inspection, we offer a CMM inspection that enables us to provide you with a detailed report of the critical dimensions to ensure the quality of your items. This three-dimensional inspection machine offers very high precision levels which enable to check more complex geometry or very accurate dimensions. We can also use it to know the dimensions of a component you would like to replicate without having the engineering drawings.

Our CMM is located in a temperature controlled room which is also under positive pressure so as to keep the precision and cleanliness levels as high as possible.

1x Mitutoyo Crista-Plus M574

Capacity: 500mm (x) x 700mm (y) x 400mm (z) Max weight: 180kg
Capacity: 19.5po (x) x 27.5po (y) x 15.5po (z) Max weight: 400lb
Accuracy: E=(3.5+4.0L/1000)μm (ISO 10360-2 (20 °C ±1 °C))
Stylus repeatability: R=4.0μm (0.0004po) (ISO 10360-2)
Resolution : 0.5μm (0.00002po)


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